About BKM Diesel Trading

Trading Diesel Since 2015

BKM Diesel Trading LLC is a certified company specializing in diesel trading based in UAE. Our journey began in Dubai back in 2015.

Our Mission & Values

Our mission revolves around delivering unparalleled petroleum products and services to our esteemed customers, catering to their diverse demands and requirements while earning their unwavering trust and satisfaction. We are committed to ensuring the secure and efficient supply of petroleum products, maximizing value in a profitable and responsible manner.

Our vision is to become the foremost choice in the global Diesel trading industry, striving to achieve world-class status while upholding our corporate responsibility towards society and nurturing a deep sense of environmental care.

Quality Assurance

We have gained a reputation for our meticulous testing procedures during both purchase and sales transactions. Additionally, we regularly calibrate our equipment to ensure that we consistently deliver the quality our customers demand.


We maintain a highly comprehensive HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) policy. Our terminal and vehicles are equipped with the necessary safety gear, and our personnel undergo regular training to handle situations with utmost care and expertise.


We have multiple yards and our terminal in Dubai, we have ample diesel storage capacity, providing us with the flexibility and security to store a significant amount of diesel.


International Trading

Base Oil

Marine Diesel Oil

Our journey began in Dubai back in 2015. At the heart of our operations lies the commitment to provide top-notch diesel/Gas Oil to various industries, including light and heavy industries, Engineering, Construction, and Transportation companies.

With a diverse team, skilled workforce, and cutting-edge technology, we execute our business process with utmost professionalism. As a result, we have established a robust market presence and become an independent wholesaler and importer, delivering over 2 billion imperial Gallons of Gas oil annually in the UAE market. Our services encompass Diesel trading, Bunkering, and more.

These are some of the services offered at BKM Diesel Trading.

BKM Diesel Trading


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